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A New Look Wishlist.


New Look is one of the main places I shop for clothes,I find the quality is great for a couple of seasons (ie.until I get sick of the sight of my wardrobe) and they do great staples that slot in to my wardrobe,pieces that I'll wear for years no matter what the weather.

As it's recently got super cold in Scotland,I'm on the hunt for a few seasonal picks – coats,wintery boots and accessories and that sort of thing.Everything you seen here is around the £20 mark or less,with the coats being a bit more but totally affordable!I have so many coats I've bought from New Look over the years and they're still going strong,so I usually head back here when I need some warm gear.I just said gear.

There's hardly any colour here,which I have to admit is rare for me,but it is autumn after all and I guess even I make a more monochrome move come the colder months!I'll definitely be picking up a good mix of the below – there's SO much I want.

What do you think of my selection??