5 Oct 2014 41 亚博彩票app苹果comments

A New Sofa {Part Two}.

As promised,after上周的沙发介绍,这是第二期。Our little mint floral addition arrived on Wednesday,它和我希望的一样完美。

The sofa isfrom Made.comand it's the first thing I've purchased from there,but the service has been great so I'll definitely be ordering again.I wanted a smaller chair as our living room is quite spacious,我想把我们的早餐区和房间的其他部分分开,这样沙发也可以作为分隔物。
I went for mint because it works perfectly with the charcoal grey of the other sofa,and I wanted something to add some character to the room – which I think it definitely does.

双座车的尺寸很合适,two people could easily sit on here without it being awkward or uncomfy!我对它非常满意,你可以看到一个在这个视频日志里再多一点.

What do you think of my choice??