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Exploring beautiful Formentera!!

我想分享这篇文章这么久了,but you know what it's like with holiday photos – it took me forever to sort through them,挑选我最喜欢的,然后把它们放在一个帖子里,一直以来,它与雨一起倾泻在古老的格拉斯哥!!

I wanted to put together a sort of mini-guide to Formentera,a place we were recommended many,many times when we were planning our first Ibiza vaycay.Formentera is a small island in the Balearics just off the coast of Ibiza,去派对岛的旅行如果不跳到它的小邻居那里就不完整。这里有我见过的最迷人的海滩,the kind of white sand and turquoise water scenes that I've only ever really come across in the Caribbean before.

从伊比沙岛的任何地方都很容易到达福尔梅特拉,although it is only accessibly by boat.Both times we went,我们乘渡船从伊比沙镇出发。渡船大约每30分钟一班,and there's return trips right up until around midnight so it's perfect for a day trip.
The first time we went,we decided to do an overnight stay,which I loved!当我们这个月早些时候回去的时候,we decided to squeeze in a quick day trip from Ibiza and,although I loved my time there and the ease of it all,I wanted to stay for longer!!


Getting Around
If you're there for a day trip,I recommend renting a bicycles for the day and cycling to the beach and back.我们在码头上发现了一个非常便宜的小地方——尽管自行车有点可疑,所以在你走之前最好先做一下调查!!
There's a great amount of cycle baths and the cycle to the beach takes around 15-20 minutes.尽管如此,还是要受到警告,there's not a lot of shops up near the beach (only crazy busy restaurants!),所以出发前要多喝水,也许还要打包午餐。

The Perfect Place To Stay
I found a last minute hotel on Mr & Mrs Smith,which I'd previously never used before,发现了一块绝对的宝石;;比诺葡萄酒.
I've been lucky enough to stay in some truly beautiful hotels over the years,but I really think this has to be one of my favourites.I don't always share where I stay because I don't always recommend them,但我必须对这个美妙的发现点头致意。The staff were so incredibly helpful,the location was lovely and peaceful and there were electric bikes for rent too.我喜欢游泳池,整个酒店就像天堂!我知道总有一天我们会回去的。

Jordan came across博纳埃斯皮纳并说:I think you'll like this place",他是对的。这家古怪的餐厅以仙人掌为主题,而且内饰也很疯狂!The food is good too,but seriously,you have to see this place!!

The Beaches!!
当然,you have to visit Ses Illetes while you're there,it really is such a beautiful beach.We took our bikes as far as we could go,然后走完剩下的路,finding other incredible spots as we went.
We also took a trip to Gecko Beach Club for some lunch,and although the food and pool here were lovely,我们不喜欢太多的海滩。它肯定更安静,但更多的海藻!!

Formentera felt a bit more ‘off the beaten track' than Ibiza,there was more to discover and we felt ourselves relaxing a lot more here.I think when you stay in such a lovely hotel you do sort of slip in to holiday mode a lot more,especially when it's so beautiful and peaceful!!

Whether you're heading for a day trip from Ibiza or are planning a couple of days escape (I highly recommend the latter!),Formentera is definitely somewhere to pop on your list.我保证去那里很方便,即使有点行李,and definitely worth visiting if you're planning an Ibiza trip any time soon.