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Paris At Christmas.

Bonjour mes amis!I have quite the collection of photos for you today,it took me so long to edit these and pick my favourites – we took so,so many snaps!Every single street,backdrop,restaurant and view in Paris is just so beautiful.

I also downloaded the Duolingo app straight after I got back and now I really regret not paying attention in French class in high school.I could be fluent by now if I'd stuck at it!!
Instead I'll have to make do with an app and occasional trips across the Channel!I usually go to Paris for work,and usually in the summer,so it was fun to take a trip at Christmas – c'est manifique!!

Where We Stayed…

My go-to hotelThe Hoxtonhas opened its doors in Paris,so this was of course our first port of call.I've stayed in both the London hotels so many times now that it really feels like home away from home here.
The Paris edition did not disappoint;incredible Parisian-inspired interiors with that London cool twist,comfy and cosy rooms that allow for the dreamiest slumber,and an impressive restaurant too!!
The location is perfect too (aka minutes from Sezane),we wandered a lot and always came across beautiful little places.

We spent one night atthe beautiful Hotel Providence,which is just five minutes away.I love switching hotels on a trip,it's like a whole ‘nother holiday!!
Hotel Providence is very Parisian boutique;so quaint and cosy,with pretty balconies,dark walls and incredible headboards!!

Stop To Shop…

Sezanewas obviously very high on my to-do list,有在附近的商店。I've boughta couple of things onlinebut it's so hard to tell sizings etc,and of course I really wanted to see the shop itself – which is just wonderful.Every inch is styled beautifully,and don't think I've ever wandered in to a shop and wanted every single item before!!

0fr Bookshopwas a little shop we happened uponafter grabbing brunch at Seasonand hunting down a proper espresso-based coffee.
I love bookshops,and seeing piles upon piles of books almost gave me goosebumps.I came across so many books I could have bought right there and then,but I knew I just didn't have the space in my case.Next time I'll bring a spare.

A Few Foodie Finds…

Also quite near our hotel(s) wasPeonies,a coffee and flower shop.Yes,you read that right.Basically my dream setup!This pink and green cafe combined just about everything I love in life (no cats though,so I'll shave points off for that),and the coffee was delish!!

Darocopopped up on the map and sounded perfect for an easy lunch,I noticed the design first and the pizza second.Put this on your list if you're in to interiors and Italian food!!

See The Sights…

A trip to Paris is never complete without visiting the Jardin du Palais Royal,no matter what the season!This is such a beautiful open space with so much to look at (and so many photo opportunities…!)
Take at least an hour out to wander around here,then visit the Stella and Acne stores afterwards.A dreamy afternoon!!

We finished off the evening at Bar Hemingway at the Ritz,which is a little more luxe than I'm used to – about €30 per cocktail more luxe than I'm used to!One of the cocktails on the menu is simply champagne with a drop of absinthe,although I decided to forego this and instead opt for a lush pear number.
Sit and sip a drink and take advantage of the generous (free!) snack selection while you take in the walls – every inch of which are adorned with Ernest Hemingway memorabilia!!

So that concludes another wonderful trip to Paris!I felt so incredibly Christmassy being here,the whole city seemed to sparkle.
Have you visited Paris in December??

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